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A person who has been registered in the official register of Professional Operators and who is engaged in the cultivation of plants or potatoes intended for planting shall submit a declaration to the State Plant Protection Service each year for phytosanitary control.

Process description

  1. Submission of a declaration
    • the customer authenticates to the e-services site of the agricultural sector and submits the declaration.

    Information on completing and submitting an e-service application is available in the “How to use an e-service site” and “E-service user guide” guides (see “Documents and forms”).

    • the customer shall send the declaration to the e-mail address of the State Plant Protection Service or to the official electronic address.
    • the declaration must be signed with a secure electronic signature.

    • the customer sends the declaration by post.

    In person
    • the customer arrives with the State Plant Protection Service or its regional department and submits a declaration.

    Documents to be submitted – completed form “Declaration on Phytosanitary Control”.

    The State Plant Protection Service shall accept and compile declarations in order to obtain data on the quantities of plants and plant products subject to phytosanitary control.

    The service is free.