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Only live organisms and invertebrates included in the Register of Plant Protection Products (e.g. insects, ticks, nematodes) are permitted for plant protection in Latvia.
When a living organism is registered, the conditions of use shall be determined which shall be indicated in the labelling text.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    • the customer sends the documents to the e-mail address of the State Plant Protection Service or to the official electronic address
    • documents must be signed with a secure electronic signature

    • Customer sends documents by mail

    In person
    • customer arrives at the State Plant Protection Service and submits documents

    Documents to be submitted
    • application for registration of the living organism
    • documents containing the information referred to in Annex 1 or Annex 2 to Cabinet Regulation No 568 of 29 June 2004 (identity and characterisation of the living organism, impact on human health and the environment, assessment of the effectiveness of use, production and intended use)

    (alleviated requirements for the information to be submitted in accordance with Annex 2 of the Regulations shall be determined in cases where the living organism is a local (originating in Latvia), whether the living organism is included in the list of classical biological products to be used to limit the spread of harmful organisms in the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation (EPPO); if the living organism does not comply with these conditions, the information regarding the living organism shall be provided. to be submitted in accordance with Annex 1 to the Regulation)

    • a written statement of the identity of the living organism issued by a Member State of the European Union, the European Free Trade Association or the European Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, if the information to be submitted regarding the living organism has not been specified in accordance with Paragraph 7 of Cabinet Regulation No 568 of 29 June 2004
    • draft labelling text in Latvian
    • indication whether or not the living organism is genetically modified
    • a list of documents for which the applicant requests to grant the status of restricted access information (indicate the source of information and the justification for determining commercial secrecy)
    • a document (copy) confirming that the assessment of the potential risk to the environment of the living organism has been performed in conformity with the requirements specified in the regulatory enactments regarding the procedures for the utilisation and distribution of genetically modified organisms, if the living organism is a genetically modified organism

    The State Plant Protection Service shall:
    • review the documents submitted;
    • carry out an assessment of the decision;
    • take a decision on the inclusion of a live organism in the Register of Plant Protection Products and determine the conditions for use thereof;
    • approve the labelling text;
    • issue a marketing authorisation.

  2. Payment for service
    The service shall be paid EUR 284,57 in accordance with the invoice of the State Plant Protection Service, issued on the basis of Section 2, Section 18.1, of Cabinet Regulation No 493 of 12 July 2012, Schedule of State Plant Protection Service Charge Services.

    Service Fee Properties
    Consignee: State Plant Protection Service
    Registration No 90000042982
    Account No. LV47TREL2160320005000
    Bank: Treasury

  3. Payment of state fee
    In accordance with Section 7, Paragraph two of the Plant Protection Law, the State fee of EUR 42,69 shall be paid for registration and maintenance of a plant protection product in the register, on the basis of Cabinet Regulation No. 139 of 20 February 2007, Regulations regarding the State fee rates and the procedures for payment thereof regarding plant protection products register, plants subject to phytosanitary control and plants section 2 of the register of persons involved in the circulation of products and the register of labels for wood packaging.

    State Fee Properties
    Consignee: Treasury
    Registration No 90000050138
    Account No. LV37TREL1060160919900
    Bank: Treasury
    Revenue classification code:
    Objective: On the sorting of the register of plant protection products

  4. Receipt of services
    • the customer receives a decision and registration certificate to the specified postal address

    In person
    • customer arrives at the State Plant Protection Service and receives a decision and registration certificate

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