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A merchant who distributes plant protection products shall ensure the circulation and registration thereof in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments and shall submit the information regarding the previous calendar year to the State Plant Protection Service each year, indicating which plant protection products have been disposed of and in what quantities have been disposed of to users.
The State Plant Protection Service compiles information regarding plant protection products distributed by merchants in Latvia.

Process description

  1. Submission of a report
    • the customer submits the report using the e-service Rural Support Service (LAD) in the Electronic Login System (EPS).
    • To do this, register with the LAD Customer Register. When you register for a LAD client, the EPS access is granted automatically. Detailed information on the required documents and the procedures for submitting them is available on the website of the LAD.
    • if the customer is already registered in the LAD Customer Register, the LAD EPS is authored and the “National Plant Protection Service” service is selected under the main menu.

    Detailed instructions on the use of the LAD EPS e-service “Overview of Proliferated Plant Protection Products” are available in the manual (see “Documents and Forms”).

    The service is free.

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