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In order to export plants and plant products from Latvia to countries that are not members of the European Union, a phytosanitary certificate for export or re-export is necessary. The phytosanitary certificate is a document attesting that the exported plant production has been inspected and conforms to the phytosanitary requirements of the beneficiary country prior to its export from Latvia.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    • the customer shall submit the documents using an e-service in the National Plant Monitoring Information System (KUVIS).
    • To do this, complete and submit to the State Plant Protection Service an “Application FOR THE Use OF KUVIS” and enter into a “Contract for the Provision of Fee Services and Procedures for Payment”.
    • When you have received a user name and password after submitting an application, authorizes KUVIS.

    The video instruction “Filling an electronic application for a phytosanitary certificate” is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3-uqD_8P9I & t = 41 s

    • the customer shall send the documents to the e-mail address of the State Plant Protection Service or to the official electronic address.
    • documents must be signed with a secure electronic signature.

    In person
    • the customer arrives in the regional division of the State Plant Protection Service and submits the documents.

    Documents to be submitted - completed form “Application for the Performance of Phytosanitary Control for Receiving a Phytosanitary Certificate”.

    The State Plant Protection Service shall:
    • clarify plant and plant production phytosanitary requirements in the beneficiary country;
    • carry out a plant production test (sampling and laboratory tests, if necessary);
    • issue a phytosanitary certificate to the person.

  2. Payment for service
    The service shall be paid in accordance with the invoice of the State Plant Protection Service, which has been issued on the basis of Annex 2, paragraph 12, of Cabinet Regulation No. 493 of 12 July 2012, “Price List for Payment Services of the State Plant Protection Service”.

    Service Fee Properties
    Consignee: State Plant Protection Service
    Registration No 90000042982
    Account No. LV47TREL2160320005000
    Bank: Treasury

  3. Receipt of services
    In person
    • an inspector of the regional division of the State Plant Protection Service shall inspect the plants and plant products subject to phytosanitary control declared by the customer and issue a phytosanitary certificate.