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The National Plant Protection Service National Phytosanitary Laboratory:
• carry out testing of samples of plants, plant products, soil and plant pests for laboratory diagnosis of plant diseases, pests and harmful organisms;
• issue a test report to the customer.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    In person
    • An inspector of the regional division of the State Plant Protection Service shall take the sample at the address indicated by the customer.
    • the customer takes the sample himself and delivers it to the National Phytosanitary Laboratory.

    Documents to be submitted - completed form “Application for sample testing in the National Phytosanitary Laboratory”.

    Types of samples and their preparation requirements
    • plant or parts thereof: branches, leaves, flowers, fruit, roots (onions, tubers, tubers), plant products:
    - take the whole plant, plant parts or plant products with visible symptoms or signs of damage in such a way that the whole part of the plant of 4-5 cm is also taken around the sick part of the plant;
    - take 3-5 plants or parts thereof, depending on the nature and degree of the damage;
    - the sample shall be placed in a plastic bag which is tightly lashed or stowed, or in a suitable closed container.
    • pest (insect or tick) at various stages of development (larvae, imago) - place the sample in a stopper tube.
    • nematode cyst - insert the sample into a stopper tube.
    • soil, soils, soil substrate, peat:
    - put the sample into a plastic bag;
    - the sample shall be taken as dry as possible (the sample shall not be taken during precipitation or immediately thereafter).
    • Detectable organism in any form (micropreparate on slide, culture in Petri platter, tube, etc.).
    • various types of pest traps (glue shields, ferro-borne catchers, etc.).

    It may be specified in the national phytosanitary laboratory:
    • in plants or parts of plants:
    - diseases caused by mushrooms, bacteria, viruses, viroids;
    - pests (insects and ticks);
    - nematodes;
    • in potatoes:
    - the light and dark ring rot caused by bacteria;
    - quarantine and non-carantinic viruses and viroids (PSTVd) in compliance with the certification requirements;
    • pines in planting material - diseases caused by mushrooms in accordance with the certification requirements;
    • in soil and growing/growing substrate:
    - potato golden and pale cyst nematodes;
    - potato cancer;
    • in peat, harmful organisms according to the requirements of the importing countries;
    • in grain and seed, weed seed according to the requirements of the importing countries.

  2. Payment for service
    The service shall be paid in accordance with the invoice of the State Plant Protection Service, which has been issued on the basis of points 9, 10 and 11 of Annex 2 to Cabinet Regulation No 493 of 12 July 2012, “Price List for Payment Services of the State Plant Protection Service”.

    Service Fee Properties
    Consignee: State Plant Protection Service
    Registration No 90000042982
    Account No. LV47TREL2160320005000
    Bank: Treasury

  3. Receipt of services
    • Customer receives testing report to official electronic address or specified email address

    • Customer receives testing report to specified mail address

    In person
    • customer arrives at the National Plant Protection Service National Phytosanitary Laboratory and receives testing report

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