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Receiving restrictions

The owner of the breeder's right to use the protected plant variety as a source of income is entitled to transfer his or her right to another person on the basis of a mutual agreement by entering into a licensing agreement. The licensing agreement must be registered in the State Register of Protected Plant Varieties of Latvia's State Plant Supervision Information System. An unregistered license agreement shall not be valid.
The State Plant Protection Service shall register the protected plant variety licence contract submitted by the person in the State Register of the State Plant Supervision Information System of Latvian Protected Plant Varieties.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    • Customer sends documents to or official electronic address
    • documents must be signed with a secure electronic signature

    • Customer sends documents by mail

    In person
    • customer arrives at the State Plant Protection Service and submits documents

    Documents to be submitted:
    • Plant Varietal License Agreement
    • Copy of the document certifying payment of the State fee

  2. Payment of state fee
    • before receiving the service, the State fee of EUR 7.11 must be paid in accordance with paragraph 6 of Cabinet Regulation No. 173 of 13 March 2012, Regulations on State Charge in the Field of Plant Variety Protection (see “Other Information” - “Legislative Acts”).
    • When registering a compulsory licence, the State fee should not be paid.

    State Fee Properties
    Consignee: Treasury
    Registration No 90000050138
    Account No. LV37TREL1060160919900
    Bank: Treasury
    Notes: Revenue classification code
    Objective: On registration of a licence contract with the State Plant Protection Service

  3. Receipt of services
    • the recipient of the service receives the registered contract to the designated e-mail address or to the official e-mail address

    • the recipient of the service receives the registered agreement to the specified mail address

    In person
    • the recipient of the service arrives at the State Plant Protection Service and receives the registered contract