Plant protection products are products (chemical, microbiological) for the protection of plants and plant products against organisms harmful to plants or for the prevention of their action, for affecting plant life processes, for preserving plant products, for destroying unwanted plants or plant parts or for preventing their growth. A specific group of plant protection products are plant protection products containing living organisms (e.g. insects, mites, nematodes) which are intended for the control of insects and mites harmful to plants. in covered areas.

The State Plant Protection Service registers and monitors the circulation of plant protection products. 

State Plant Protection Service supervises plant protection training and accepts an examination from trainees before issuing a certificate.

State Plant Protection Service supervises the inspection of plant protection equipment and verifies that the equipment is being used in accordance with the legislation or regulations.

State Plant Protection Service provides advice and information support to users of plant protection products on the safe and sustainable implementation of plant protection principles on the farm in accordance with the principles of the integrated pest management system. 

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The State Plant Protection Service is the national statistical authority that provides official statistics on the volumes of active substances of plant protection products distributed by conducting a full survey of distributors of plant protection products.

On the basis of Regulation (EC) No 1185/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2009, Member States shall collect and submit to Eurostat by 30 December 2009 data on the volumes of active substances of plant protection products distributed to end-users in the previous calendar year and shall make this information publicly available. Eurostat validates the data provided by the Member States and publishes the official statistics on a website. The statistics are used to calculate harmonised risk indicators for assessing the sustainability of the use of plant protection products.

File:Pesticides sales-01.jpgThe State Plant Protection Service informs that in 2018, a total of 1 587 324 tonnes of active substances of plant protection products were distributed in Latvia, including 965 291 tonnes of herbicides, 212 984 tonnes of fungicides, 35 683 tonnes of insecticides, 4 928 tonnes of bactericides, 354 600 tonnes of growth regulators and 13 839 tonnes of other plant protection products. Official European Union statistics are available on the web.

In order to provide official statistics that meet the needs of Latvian, European and international users, in compliance with the laws and regulations governing official statistics, the Central Statistical Bureau and the statistical authorities have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in implementing the Quality Policy of the Official Statistical System. The quality policy of the statistical authorities and other documents on general quality requirements are published on the website of the Central Statistical Bureau.