DATABASE of available seed and vegetative propagating material for biological farming (in Latvian)

The database on seed of varieties for biological farming holds information on seed or seed potato propagating material originating from biological farming available in Latvia.

Seed material of originating from biological farming is subject to the same seed certification process as seed material of conventional origin and therefore meets high quality requirements.

For each species, a deadline is set for the last update of the information submitted, after which no more information on new lots is added to the database.

Deadline for updating the information submitted to the database:

Seeds and seed potatoes:

  • Vegetables - 20 January;
  • cereal crops, fodder plants, beets, oil and fibre crops (except winter forms) - 5 February;
  • potatoes - 5 April;
  • winter forms of fodder and oil crops - 20 July;
  • winter cereal crops - 5 September.

Vegetative propagating material for other species:

  • strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus for open field cultivation - 5 April and 20 July;
  • other open-field vegetables - 5 April and 15 September;
  • fruit trees and berry shrubs - 5 April and 15 September.

The information on the quantity of seed or vegetative propagating material available is updated in the database within three working days after receiving information from the seed grower on changes in the quantity available.

The State Plant Protection Service only holds information on seed material for biological farming seed provided by the seed producers themselves, if the seed producer chooses to offer it for sale through the database for seed of varieties of biological farming.

After the deadline for the last update of the information submitted in the database, the State Plant Protection Service assesses and decides on the granting of individual permits for the species concerned.

Submision forms in Latvian: