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Farmers particularly sensitive areas (Dobeles, Jelgava, Bauska, Marupe, Oblin, Keekava, Salaspille, Ropažu, Adage, Saulkrau and Sigulda municipalities, excluding Bauska municipalities Valle and Kurmenes, Sigulda municipalities, the administrative territory of Jelgava civil parish, as well as Jelgava, Riga and Jurmala municipality borders) operates agricultural land of 20 hectares and in a larger area or growing vegetables, potatoes, fruit trees or sockets in three hectares and larger area and uses fertiliser products, to be submitted to the State Plant Protection Service each year in the crop protection service summary of the recovery plans for the current year

Process description

  1. Summary submission
    • The customer shall submit a summary using the e-service Rural Support Service (LAD) in the Electronic Login System (EPS).
    • To do this, register with the LAD Customer Register. When you register for a LAD client, the EPS access is granted automatically. Detailed information on the required documents and the procedures for submitting them is available on the website of the LAD.
    • if the customer is already registered in the LAD Customer Register, the LAD EPS is authored and the “National Plant Protection Service” section of the main menu selects the “Summary of crop manure plans” service.

    Information on the use of the e-service “Summary of crop manure plans” is available in the manual and in the video guide (see “Documents and Forms”).

    • the customer sends the documents to the e-mail address of the State Plant Protection Service or to the official electronic address
    • documents must be signed with a secure electronic signature

    The service is free.

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