Latvijas un Moldovas delegāciju kopbilde

On Wednesday, 5 June, the State Plant Protection Service was visited by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldova Vladimir Bolea, the Ambassador of Moldova to Latvia Andrian Roşa, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry Iurie Skripnic, the Deputy Director General of the State Agency for Food Safety (ANSA) Alexandr Manciu and the EU High Level Adviser on Agri-Food Sector Development at the EU High Level Advisers' Mission to Moldova Rolandas Taraškevičius.

The Moldovan delegation learned about the competences of the State plant protection service in the areas of phytosanitary monitoring, registration and supervision of plant protection products and fertilisers, registration of plant varieties and seed control.  Cooperation opportunities were discussed in the context of Moldova's accession process to the EU and State plant protection service's participation in EU development cooperation projects, expertise and exchange of experience. The delegation also visited the State plant protection service's laboratories.