In the project "Integrated management and system of measures to reduce negative impact of invasive alien species in protected areas of cross-border region", the participating countries - Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus - agreed on a common list of invasive species for protected areas in the cross-border region, including 13 plant species and 12 animal species, whose occurrence and management will be studied.  

The public is asked to get involved and report to Daugavpils University if these species are observed in the following 13 border protected areas:

  • Teiči Nature Reserve,
  • Rāzna National Park,
  • Nature Park " Adamovas ezers",
  • Nature Park " Aiviekstes paliene",
  • Nature Reserve "Grebļukalns",
  • Nature Park "Sauka",
  • Nature protection area "Lubāna mitrājs",
  • Nature protection area "Ojatu ezers",
  • Protected Landscape Area "Augšdaugava",
  • Protected Landscape Area "Augšzeme",
  • Nature protection area "Skujaines and Svētaines valley",
  • Nature Park "Bauska",
  • Protected avenue "Blankenfeldes muižas aleja".

Please send your message to maksims.balalaikins@biology.lv with a photo of the organism and information about it.