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Wood packaging material used for moving different loads must be treated and labelled in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISPM 15. If the specified requirements are not met, dangerous harmful organisms may be introduced into the country, creating a threat to Latvia's forestry and the environment. Therefore, when imports into Latvia from risk countries (USA, China, South Korea, Taiwan), the cargo used to transport wood packaging material must be controlled by wood packaging material. It shall be performed at border inspection posts, but in cases where the cargo is imported into Latvia through another Member State of the European Union in which the wood packaging material has not been controlled, the State Plant Protection Service shall perform the control.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    • the customer shall send the application to the e-mail address of the relevant regional department of the State Plant Protection Service:
    - (if clearing of cargo takes place in Jelgava MKP 0512)
    - and (if clearing takes place in the customs warehouse of the MKP 0207 or MKP 0207 of the marshalling yard)
    - (if clearing takes place in Valmiera MKP 0626)
    • the application must be signed with a secure electronic signature

    Documents to be submitted:
    • Form “Application for control of wood packaging material imported from risk countries subject to customs control (Jelgava MKP 0512, Marshalling yard MKP 0207 or Valmiera MKP 0626)”
    • copies of documents accompanying the consignment

    Regional Division of the State Plant Protection Service:
    • review the customer's application for the control of wood packaging material;
    • decide not to carry out or carry out an inspection;
    • if a decision is taken to carry out an inspection:
    - agree with the customer the place of inspection (which can only be a customs office/customs warehouse) and the time;
    - perform a check of wood packaging material and draw up an inspection report.

    The service is free.

  2. Receipt of services
    • a decision not to perform or perform an inspection shall be received by the customer at the official electronic address or e-mail address specified.

    In person
    • if a decision regarding the performance of an inspection has been taken, an inspector of the regional division of the State Plant Protection Service shall:
    - carry out checks on wood packaging material at the address indicated by the customer (customs inspection post/customs warehouse)
    - after carrying out the verification, send the verification act (in electronic form) to the customer to the official electronic address or the e-mail address indicated, or issue a paper-based inspection act

    Coordination of activities with the customs inspection post relating to the removal of customs security
    1. The removal of the customs security with the customs inspection post should not be harmonised in the place specified in the authorisation of the authorised consignee.
    2. In the normal case, the removal of the customs security must be coordinated with the customs inspection post by lodging an application indicating the time and place of the procedure.
    The application may be submitted by:
    - SRS EDS ( or
    - when sending to the e-mail address (the application must be signed with a secure electronic signature).
    For information prepared by the State Revenue Service entitled “Presentation of goods to customs”, see “Documents and forms”.

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