The State Plant Protection Service is a direct state administration institution, the aim of which is to ensure the sustainable use, protection and monitoring of crop and forest resources in order to preserve their biodiversity, promote public safety and protect the environment from possible pollution by plant protection products and fertilisers, create conditions for farmers to have access to healthy and quality propagating material, and increase productivity and agricultural competitiveness.

Established on the basis of the Plant Protection Law adopted on 17 December 1998, the State Plant Protection Service is a direct administrative body under the supervision of the Minister of Agriculture and operates in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No 944 of 16 November 2004 By-law of the State Plant Protection Service.

The State Plant Protection Service carries out state control and supervision of plant protection products, fertilisers and substrates, plants and plant products, plant varieties, seeds and planting materials, as well as cooperates with international organisations and ensures the exchange of information with other countries on plant protection, plant quarantine, seed circulation and breeder's rights protection issues.

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