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VSIA „Sertifikācijas un testēšanas centrs” Dārza iela 12, Priekuļi, Priekuļu pagasts, Priekuļu novads, LV-4126, tālr.64130013 info@stc.lv LATAK-I-456-04-2012 No.1,
2 August 2025
SIA „Precīzo tehnoloģiju skola”

Melnsila 13, Rīga LV – 1046, tālr.26382441 


precizoTS@precizoTS.lv LATAK-I-548-02-2016 No.2,
30 June 2025
SIA "Lauksaimniecības konsultāciju un inovāciju centrs" Inspekcijas nodaļa "Ziedkalni", Codes pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3910, tālr.29423960 sialkic@gmail.com LATAK-I-557-02-2016 No.3,
2 August 2025
Valsts tehniskās uzraudzības aģentūras Tehniskās uzraudzības departamenta Inspicēšanas institūcija Republikas laukums 2, Rīga, LV-1010, tālr.29284656 raivis.pranis@vtua.gov.lv


No.4,2 August 2025

Jelgavas Tipukas individuālais uzņēmums "LPV" Inspekcijas daļa Eduarda Veidenbauma iela 17, Jelgava, LV-3001, tālr.29112006 lpviu@inbox.lv


No.5, 17 Octoer 2025

Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No 491 of 10 July 2012 "Regulations Regarding Plant Protection Product Application Equipment" (hereinafter - the Regulations) establishes the procedure by which the State Plant Protection Service recognizes a certificate for plant protection product application equipment issued in another European Union (EU) Member State, provided that the inspection intervals specified in the Regulations have been met.

A written application requesting recognition of an inspection of a plant protection products application equipment carried out in another EU member state should be submitted to any regional office of the State Plant Protection Service. The certificate issued by the competent authority of the other EU Member State certifying that the equipment has been tested in that Member State and complies with the requirements of these Regulations and its Latvian translation should be attached to the application. 

The Plant Protection Products Supervision Division of the State Plant Protection Service shall take a decision on acceptance of the inspection within 10 days. The decision shall be issued in writing for a period no longer than that specified in the certificate issued in another EU Member State.

The fee for recognition of a certificate issued in another EU country is 35.57 euros (Annex 2, item 86 of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No 493 of 10 July 2012 "Price List of the Paid Services Provided by the State Plant Protection Service").