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From 29 August to 2 September 2022, nine experts from the Plant Protection and Quarantine Agency of Uzbekistan are visiting Latvia as part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs grant project "Improving Plant Protection System and Laboratory Capacity to Promote Food Exports in Uzbekistan".

The experts will learn about the functions and tasks of the State Plant Protection Service, the structure and basic principles of the plant protection system in Latvia and the European Union, the application of the principles of integrated plant protection to agricultural crops in Latvia, the practical and theoretical application of soil agrochemical research, visit the State Plant Protection Service's agrochemical laboratory and the laboratory of the Scientific Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment "BIOR".

The delegation includes leading experts from the plant protection and fertiliser registration and monitoring, laboratories, innovation implementation and integrated pest management units. At the opening meeting, the experts said they were pleased to have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and share their experience with their Latvian colleagues. This is the first time that experts have come to Latvia.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the experts will visit the integrated crop production (bush blueberries, fruit trees, nursery) farm of SIA "Latroots", learn about plant protection and fertiliser use practices of SIA "Vidzemes putniņi", as well as the application of restrictions on the use of plant protection products in a protected nature area.

The duration of the project "Improvement of plant protection system and laboratory capacity for food export promotion in Uzbekistan" is from 1 July 2022 to 15 November 2022. The budget of the project is EUR 59 993,40, which consists of a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the implementation of the project.

Information was prepared by:

Dace Ūdre

Public Relations Specialist
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