From 31 October to 4 November of 2022, as part of the project "Strengthening the phytosanitary system and laboratory capacity for the development of the fruit farming sector in Uzbekistan", experts from the State Plant Protection Service met with experts from the Agency of Plant Protection and Quarantine of Uzbekistan and the National Phytosanitary Laboratory in Tashkent, were given an overview of the inspectors' equipment and visited a cotton field.

During the visit, the Latvian experts were introduced to the phytosanitary information system developed by the Agency of Plant Protection and Quarantine of Uzbekistan, the equipment of inspectors and the mobile field laboratory, as well as to the premises of the National Phytosanitary Laboratory and the entomology, helminthology, herbalogy, bacteriology, mycology, virology expertise and molecular testing.

Latvian experts shared their experience in testing samples for fireblight (Erwinia amylovora) at the Latvian National Phytosanitary Laboratory and trained Uzbek laboratory colleagues in the practical implementation of testing according to the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation (EPPO) diagnostic protocol PM 7/20, which provides internationally recognised results.

During the visit, Latvia's experience in administering compensation was shared, including setting the preconditions for receiving it, and giving an insight into the reassessment of the system through the Cabinet of Ministers' Regulation No 255 of 20 April 2021 "Procedure for granting compensation for the implementation of phytosanitary measures".