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Norway grants

State Plant Protections Service in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture and project's partners: Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, University of Latvia un Latvian State Forest Research Institute “Silava” is implementing project "Improving sustainable soil resource management in agriculture" of Norway grants Climate and environment programme for 2014–2021 “Climate change mitigation, adaptation and the environment”.

The main objective of the project is to improve national soil data for climate change policy development and implementation.

The implementation of the project will contribute to the implementation of sustainable agricultural management practices to increase agricultural productivity, ensure sustainable use of land resources and help preserve ecosystems. In addition, the project will contribute to international and European targets on climate change and reporting requirements.

The main target groups of the project are public administrations, farmers, non-governmental sector, education and science institutions involved in climate policy making and implementation

Main project activities:

  1. Improving the availability of reliable, country-specific soil information on farmland;
  2. Improving the national soil carbon monitoring system;
  3. Improving the national GHG calculation system.

The main task of the National Plant Protection Service is to establish a national soil carbon monitoring system with the following two main tasks:

  • Setting up a soil carbon monitoring network on agricultural land
  • Establishing a soil carbon monitoring database.

The project will run until 31 January 2024. The project has a planned budget of €1.83 million, consisting of €1.56 million grant funding from Norway and €0.27 million national co-financing.