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Plant protection products shall be entered in the Register of Plant Protection Products if evidence has been provided that they are sufficiently effective in restricting harmful organisms and safe for the crop. Such evidence shall be obtained by means of efficacy testing trials for the registration of plant protection products. The regulatory enactments for performance tests have specified requirements for the performance of tests. The certificate for the performance of testing of the effectiveness of plant protection products shall confirm the fulfilment of the requirements specified in the regulatory enactments regarding registration of plant protection products.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    • Customer sends documents to pasts@vaad.gov.lv or official electronic address
    • documents must be signed with a secure electronic signature

    • Customer sends documents by mail

    In person
    • customer arrives at the State Plant Protection Service and submits documents

    Documents to be submitted
    • The application must be accompanied by the following information:
    - organisational structure
    - Scientific and technical staff
    - working rooms, laboratories, warehouses
    - pilot areas, fields, greenhouses
    - technical means, equipment
    - Descriptions of operational procedures
    • after completion of the trials, a trial case and an overview of each type of trials specified in the application

    The State Plant Protection Service shall:
    • review the documents submitted;
    • carry out conformity assessment;
    • decide on the issue or re-issue of a certificate for the performance of tests for plant protection products;
    • issue a certificate.

  2. Payment for service
    The service shall be paid at EUR 71,14 (for each type of testing) or EUR 35,57 (for each type of testing if the certificate is issued repeatedly) in accordance with the invoice of the State Plant Protection Service, which has been issued on the basis of Cabinet Regulation No 493 of 12 July 2012, Schedule of State Plant Protection Service Fee Services, Annex 2 or 59. point 60 (see “Other information” - “Regulatory acts”).

    Service Fee Properties
    Consignee: State Plant Protection Service
    Registration No 90000042982
    Account No. LV47TREL2160320005000
    Bank: Treasury

  3. Receipt of services
    • Customer receives a decision and a certificate to the specified mail address

    In person
    • customer arrives at the State Plant Protection Service and receives a decision and certificate

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