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It is prohibited to grow and import plant species included in the list of invasive plant species - Sosnovska hogweed.
The owner or legal possessor of land infested with Sosnovska hogweed must submit specific information specified in regulatory enactments regarding the contaminated territory and the planned measures for restricting Sosnovska hogweed.
The State Plant Protection Service shall:
• review the documents submitted;
• take a decision regarding the registration of an application in a database for the distribution of invasive plant species in the State Plant Monitoring System;
• provide data to the relevant local government for organised planning of measures to limit hogweed.

Process description

  1. Submission of documents
    • Customer sends documents to or to an official electronic address
    • documents must be signed with a secure electronic signature

    Customer sends documents by mail

    In person
    The customer arrives at the State Plant Protection Service or the regional division thereof and submits the documents

    The application must be accompanied by a copy of the land plan showing the territory contaminated with Sosnovsky hogweed and the method of limiting the planned hogweed spread indicated in each section

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